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Dances by Australian Choreographers

On this page you can access full Cue Sheets for dances choreographed by Australian choreographers. If a dance listed on this page is included in the National Dance List or is a current Showcase or Experimental nomination, the ARDA standardised cue sheet can be found on the Cue Sheets - Dancelist page.

The choreographers whose dances appear on this page are:

Paula and Warwick ARMSTRONG (13)
Shirley BATES (6)
Val and Ken BOLTON (3)
Anne GLAZIER (1)
Terry LEE (3)
Thelma and Tom MCCUE (6)
Julie and Tony MCDONALD (7)
Patricia MORI (2)
Alison TUDDENHAM (1)
Anne and Les TULLOCH (6)
Coral WEGMANN (2)
Sue and Barry WONSON (1)

Scroll down or click on a name in the list to jump to the section for the choreographer of your choice then on a Dance to open the cue sheet you are seeking - each Cue Sheet will open in pdf format in a new window so you can print or save it.

This list was last updated on 16 August 2017. New cue sheets added in recent updates are highlighted.
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Paula and Warwick ARMSTRONG

A Thousand Years RB IV+1
Besame Mucho RB VI
Bonnie & Clyde QS IV
Bubbly JV V+1+2
Capone FT V+2
Fly Me to the Moon III FT III
I Still Believe WZ III
Islands in the Stream RB III+1
River Town TS II+1
Smile FT III
Something Better To Do FT V
Sweet and Gentle CH IV
The Moon for You WZ IV

Shirley BATES

Feelings of Love RB IV+1
Happy Ever After RB III
I Wanna Love My Life Away TS III
I'm in the Mood FT III+1
One More Time III 2
The Girl in My Arms WZ II

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Val and Ken BOLTON

Give Me a Reason RB IV+2
If It's Over BL V+1U
The Moon Represents My Heart BL V


Riverina Waltz WZ III+1

Terry LEE

Moreton Bay WZ II+2
Plaisir D'Amour Waltz    WZ II+2
Waltzing Matilda Rumba RB IV+2

Thelma and Tom MCCUE

Baby It's Cold Outside BL V
More Than Ever III RB III
The Finger Points to You FT V
The Victory of Love RB V
Waltz to Sorrento WZ IV
With a Wink and a Smile FT V

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Julie and Tony MCDONALD

A Love Song BL V+2U
Anything Goes Foxtrot FT V
Grandpa's Piano TS III
Old Hands III RB III
Something Better STS IV+1+2
Suspend Me in Time BL IV+2+3
The Greatest Gift BL IV+2+1


Green and Gold TS II+2

Particia MORI

Clancy of the Overflow QS IV+1+1
Lights on the Hill TS II+1


Budapest    TS II+1
Carol's Christmas Wishes WZ II+2
Ooh La La WZ II+2

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Rainy Night Dance TS II

Anne and Les TULLOCH

El Amor Cha CH IV+2
Into You RB IV
London Foxtrot FT V
Moonshine FT IV+2
My Heart Belongs to Daddy TG IV+2
On the Prowl TS II+2


A Thousand Feet TS II+1
I Knew I Loved You RB IV+2

Sue and Barry WONSON

I Still Call Australia Home WZ II+2

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